By-Band Trial Meeting Bristol April 2014

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a meeting organised by Jane Blazeby in Bristol yesterday. She has obtained a National Institute for Health Research grant to investigate outcomes of weight loss surgery at 3 years. There is no conclusive good quality evidence to support the benefit of one weight loss surgery operation over another for patients with morbid obesity. This study is known as a ‘randomized-controlled trial’ where those patients who qualify for bariatric surgery, and are willing to participate, are allocated to gastric band or gastric bypass on a random basis. There is a possibility that sleeve gastrectomy could be included as a treatment option in the trial. The aim of ‘randomization’ is to reduce bias which can affect outcome reports in other types of studies. I hope to register Leeds as a study centre along with other bariatric units around the UK whose representatives also attended the meeting.