Gallbladder removal surgery

Gallbladder removal surgery

Carole White, from Pudsey, Leeds, had gallbladder removal surgery in July 2012 under the care of consultant general surgeon Mr Jeremy Hayden.

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With a Caribbean cruise booked to mark her 20th wedding anniversary, and a family holiday to Ibiza scheduled to celebrate her birthday, Leeds business owner Carole White had plenty to look forward to.

However, the Leeds mum of four was struck down with debilitating gallbladder problems and placed on a NHS waiting list for a scan. The recurrent pain threatened to ruin key family celebrations, so she decided to take control of the situation.

“I was looking forward to these family events and didn’t want them ruined because I was feeling ill. I was facing several months on a waiting list and decided to use my savings to have my gallbladder removal surgery straight away,” said Carole, 53, who owns White Lift Services in Leeds.

Carole had started suffering from episodes of severe stomach pain earlier in the year. “I had two really bad attacks where I ended up in hospital. Once during a weekend away in Whitby in May when I thought I was having a heart attack, I was vomiting for several days and my blood pressure was sky high,” she said.

After a third attack Carole, who lives in Pudsey, Leeds, was taken to the A&E department at her local hospital where they suspected that she might have gallstones and suggested she visit her GP to arrange an ultrasound scan.

“By this time I could not eat without feeling severe stomach pain and was feeling washed out and tired due to poor diet – I was living on toast and water. Although time off work wasn’t a problem it meant many days at home,” said Carole.  After some initial research, she contacted Spire Leeds Hospital and arranged an appointment. “I had a scan the same day as the appointment and the surgery four days later. The time frame of having the operation within a few days of seeing a consultant was fantastic.”

Read Carole’s full story on Spire Leeds Hospital’s website…

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