Weight loss (bypass) surgery

Weight loss (bypass) surgery

Jason Taylor from Bradford, had weight loss surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital in February 2012, under the care of Mr Jeremy Hayden.


He shares his story with us:

“I maintained a healthy weight of 13 stone 7lbs until I was 21 when I stopped smoking after 10 years. Although I did put some weight on over the next 15 years, I had an active lifestyle playing football, rugby and working as a manager at Thornton Village (Bronte country!) so it wasn’t until I had an accident on 9 September 1999 that my weight really ballooned.

“I was visiting some local stables when one horse tried to kick another horse. Unfortunately he kicked me instead and I fell onto the floor. Both horses trampled over me which led to a fractured sacroiliac joint and compressed nerve. I was in hospital for some time and off work for 9 months. Although I did return to work on a part time basis, I retired due to ill-health in 2002.

“I soon got fed up being at home all day and not being able to do the activities I used to enjoy so I took solace in eating. My weight increased rapidly to 22 stone and although I did manage to lose 7 stone, I quickly put it back on and more!

“I got steadily heavier and my weight crept past 30stones (194 kilos). In my mid 40’s, a doctor friend expressed his concern about my size and told me that the chances of living until an old age were slim unless I did something about my weight.

“Although I didn’t see my GP immediately after that, the conversation did make me think about my future – particularly when I realised that I couldn’t walk more than 50 metres without having to sit down as I was out of breath and my feet and ankles were swollen.  I thought I was at a point of no return and my life would soon end due to my own lifestyle, I would order two lots of curry from the indian take-away, one for now and the other for breakfast in the morning (cold of course), it was costing me over £100 per week just to feed my habit.

“Eventually I saw my doctor who was lovely and extremely helpful and she referred me to Mr Jeremy Hayden at Spire Leeds Hospital. Mr Hayden confirmed that a laparoscopic gastric bypass would be the most appropriate weight loss surgery procedure for me and I had the operation in February 2012. Mr Hayden and the nursing team that cared for me were lovely – very kind and very professional.

Read Jason’s full story on Spire Leeds Hospital’s website…

Jeremy Hayden

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