If you have one of the problems that Mr Hayden may be able to help with the the first step is to contact your GP and make an appointment and discuss it. You can decide whether an NHS or private referral is necessary. NHS patients can book an outpatient appointment with Mr Hayden at St James’s Hospital or Spire Leeds Hospital. If you want to book a private consultation then you can do this on the contact form or via Spire website or by asking your GP to write a referral.

For NHS appointments at St James’s Hospital, you will be seen under the clinic supervised by Mr Hayden. You will see either him or a member of his team. We will try and see you as soon as possible but NHS clinics can be busy and some patients require more time than their appointment allows.

For private appointments Mr Hayden will see you personally for a face to face appointment at Spire Leeds Hospital or by virtual consultation if this is your preference.

Mr Hayden will discuss your current problem and your past medical history with you – he will write notes during this discussion. If your problem is related to your weight then you then your eating habits and steps that you have taken to try and control your weight will be discussed. Mr Hayden will also measure your height and weight and tell you your body mass index (BMI). He will then examine you and explain whether any further tests are required or how he can help you with the problem. The initial consultation takes from 20 minutes for a straight-forward problem to 40 minutes for a more complex problem.

My Hayden will arrange private operations to be done at Spire Hospital on his next available operating list. Oesophageal and stomach cancer operations are scheduled at St James’s Hospital as urgent cases according to clinical urgency. Cancer operations can done privately at St James’s Hospital.

If chemotherapy is required prior to surgery then the operation will be scheduled during a safe ‘window’ after completion of treatment which may be several weeks later. Chemotherapy can be delivered privately at Spire Leeds Hospital. Mr Hayden can organise an appropriate specialist to see you.

NHS non-cancer patients are currently scheduled to be done within current waiting time targets which is in the region of 18 weeks after referral from the GP.

The following are guide prices only – please call Spire Leeds Hospital on 0113 2693939 and ask for the inclusive care team for an accurate quotation. Finance packages are available.

Endoscopy – £1778.00

Gall bladder surgery – £4342.00

Hernia repair – £2390.00

Gastric band adjustment (new Consultation) – £160.00

Gastric band adjustment (follow up) – £100.00

Gastric band – £6150.00*

Sleeve gastrectomy – £8890.00*

Gastric bypass – £10190.00*

Weight loss surgery – Full Consultation: £200.00

* – these costs include 2 years of follow up by a Consultant Bariatric Surgeon. Costs can be higher for those with a higher BMI > 50 or for revision operations.

Private and NHS patients seen at Spire Hospitals will be performed by Mr Hayden at Spire Leeds Hospital, Roundhay Hall. NHS patients seen in St James’s Hospital will be performed by Mr Hayden or one of his team under direct supervision. Private patients requiring major surgery at St James’s Hospital will be operated up on by Mr Hayden.

Mr Hayden will attempt the operation by a key-hole approach provided it is safe to do so. Key-hole operations involve numerous small incisions which are generally less troublesome afterwards compared with larger scars and often there is a more rapid recovery and return to usual activities.

Cancer operations are currently performed by open surgery as Mr Hayden feels that this offers the safest and most effective approach in his hands.

This is a difficult question to answer as patients may have different speeds of recovery and different demands from their lives. For non-cancer patients having key-hole operations a sick note for 2 weeks is provided. People can return to work and usual activities as pain and discomfort allows. In order to drive a car you have to be able to do an unimpeded emergency stop. Do not attempt to drive unless you can physically to do this. Those patients having weight loss surgery may feel tired especially during the initial phase of significant reduction in food intake and rapid weight loss.

Cancer patients take longer to recover due a number of reasons. It may take 6-12 months for quality of life to recover after a major operation. Patients who are employed or self employed will need to inform their employer or make appropriate arrangements for the running of their business to allow for a longer recovery phase.

If there is a problem after surgery then Mr Hayden or a member of his team will provide the necessary support and arrange admission to St James’s Hospital or Spire Leeds Hospital as necessary. Any further surgery will be performed by Mr Hayden. If you have a problem then please see your GP or contact me through this website and I can arrange a clinic appointment.

Please contact me directly through this website and I will try and answer the question for you. If you think the answer to your question should appear on this website then please let Mr Hayden know.