Gastric Band Adjustment

Patients are increasingly travelling from the UK to abroad to have gastric band surgery or come to the UK who have had surgery elsewhere. Mr Hayden has a considerable amount of experience with gastric band adjustment. This can only be done safely provided basic information regarding the band can be provided:

1) the date of band insertion and weight of the patient

2) name of surgeon and hospital (so that I can write and let them know that I have adjusted the band)

3) make of gastric band OR the maximum filling volume of the band

The surgeon who fitted the band must provide you with this information and you should contact the surgeon to request this prior to attending for consideration of an adjustment. You can book a gastric band adjustment now. Mr Hayden’s charge for a new consultation (including adjustment of the band if appropriate) is £160.00. A follow up band adjustment after a previous consultation will cost £100.00. Fees are payable at the consultation by cash, card or cheque.

If there is any concern regarding the position of the band then it may require adjustment under x-ray control which may incur additional costs.