Skin Effects Of Weight Loss Surgery

The degree and speed of weight loss after surgery leads to changes in the body surface with looseness of the skin in areas such as the under arms and inner thighs as well as the lower abdomen (‘tummy’) and shape of the breasts. Patients undergoing weight loss surgery are usually warned about this change in appearance of the skin and many cope with this by wearing clothing that minimises the appearance.

The NHS does not usually fund cosmetic surgery to correct skin problems after weight loss surgery. Exceptions to this can sometimes be made where there is evidence that this is causing physical or psychological harm. If you are suffering from the effects of loose skin then your first step should be to discuss this with your GP.

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Cosmetic Surgery

In order to correct loose skin problems cosmetic surgery may be recommended and referral to a plastic surgeon considered. Mr Hayden does not perform plastic surgery but would recommend you consider seeking the opinion of Mr Ian Smith, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon based at the Leeds General Infirmary, Spire Leeds Hospital and Leeds Nuffield Hospital. He treats NHS and private patients and has experience with corrective surgery for loose skin problems after weight loss surgery. In order to arrange a private consultation with Mr Smith please call 0113 2185669.

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